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Project Description
This is a sample showcasing a pattern toolkit which helps web developers create ASP.NET MVC web applications using advanced tooling and automation.

This pattern toolkit is provided as a sample soley to demonstrate how easy pattern toolkits can be created that provide custom automation and tooling in Visual Studio to speed development.

Note: Pattern toolkits are created with NuPattern

IMPORTANT NOTE: This pattern toolkit is not intended to demonstrate THE official way to build ASP.NET MVC applications in Visual Studio. It is intended to demonstrate A way to do that from the perpective of a fictional development organization that has determined that this is to be the best way for their developers to build their kind of MVC applications.

It is implemented this way so that the organization can achieve high levels of consistency and manitainability in building their web applications on their own projects.
  • The toolkit demonstrates integrated automation, some nice abstractions and some very interesting code generation patterns that makes the plumbing for web forms simple.
  • The toolkit is extensible, demonstrating how this particular organization intends to provide 'templates' for their most common types of web forms.
  • The toolkit also includes extensive guidance to help understand the things it builds.

Getting Started

  1. Download & Install the Toolkit (you will need Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012 Pro/Premium or Ultimate)
  2. Create a new 'MVC Application' project (File | New Project)
  3. Configure your MVC application from the 'Solution Builder' tool window
  4. Browse the provided guidance in the 'Guidance Explorer' tool window
  5. Follow the Getting Started guidance, and walkthrough some of the features of the sample toolkit to get a feel for how it rapidly accelerates ASP.NET MVC development.
Create a New MVC Project
Read the Guidance, Build the application

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